/> Big Island Divers offers Diving Scuba in Kona Hawaii with Manta Ray Night snorkel and dive every night, with Whale shark, Dolphins encounters
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& Snorkel
& Snorkel
Moana Olapa
To make a reservation please call the dive shop directly
or email info@BigIslandDivers.com
We book up fast, so All reservations must be made in advance.  :)
Please note: Manta Dolphins, Whales, are wild creatures and their presence is affected by surf conditions, seasonal changes and the quantity of food in the water.
No guarantees are made for their presence.
Recent Customer & Boat Pictures! :)
Remember don't just judge us by the quality of service. But instead, judge us by how our staff makes you laugh! :) Our Captain Mike Mayne, brought this back from Turkey just, for Flipper. Flipper is now a part of Dr. Evel's organization...lolA few of our Divemasters pose after their dives. :)
Were at the Manta Ray Night Dive/Snorkel site
If we can fill your cancellation with a standby or another guest, no charge will be made!!! :)
For everything else, please read our Policies
Manta count was updated: April 14, 2014
Jonathan's Whale Shark Video